The Forum Transformed

Originally opened in 2002, The Forum was acquired by joint venture partners North American Properties (NAP) and Nuveen Real Estate in March 2022 with plans to transform the open-air lifestyle center into a true mixed-use destination, marking the duo’s second redevelopment project together. Construction on Phase I, the public realm expansion and retail-focused improvements, began in May 2023 and is expected to be complete by this fall. The Forum’s merchandise collection is also getting a revamp, bringing new eateries, services and shops to downtown Peachtree Corners. Future phases include multifamily and a boutique hotel, both slated for a 2025 start.

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Construction Updates

– 1.29 Fencing goes up in preparation for construction on the South Plaza (see below map for the adjusted traffic flow).
– 2.1 Construction officially begins on the South Plaza.
– 2.9 Concrete was torn up and removed to begin construction.
– 2.16 Storm structures are installed under the future green space that will collect and drain rain water.
– 2.23 Two grease traps are installed underneath Jewel Box 3.
– 3.1 Water, power and grease lines are prepared for Jewel Box 3.
– 3.8 Ground is graded and leveled in preparation for Jewel box 3 foundation installation.
– 3.22 Concrete is poured for foundation of Jewel Box.
– 4.4 ADA ramp is installed in front of Versona for access to plaza.
– 4.5 Concrete for Jewel Box 3 foundation is poured.
– 4.22 Concrete is poured for valet loop.
– 4.24 Water and electrical lines are installed underneath turf plaza.
– 5.8 Concrete poured for valet service and parking.
– 5.10 Steel framework for Jewel Box 3 begins to go up.

Live Construction Camera

The Future of The Forum

Transformation Timeline

March 2024

Underground preparations, including power, water and sanitary lines underway for Plaza and jewel box

February 2024

Construction officially begins on the South Plaza

January 2024

Fencing goes up in preparation for construction on the South Plaza, the larger of the two green spaces

October 2023

North Plaza, our first and smaller of two new green spaces, opens

August 2023

Roofing and sheathing for both jewel boxes complete

July 2023

Foundation, water and sanitary line for both jewel boxes are laid out

May 2023

Construction officially begins on the north end plaza

April 2023

NAP and Nuveen celebrate the start of The Forum’s redevelopment with a groundbreaking ceremony

April 2023

NAP dedicates a memorial to Debbie Mason, the first First Lady of Peachtree Corners

November 2022

New holiday décor installed on property

August 2022

NAP rolls out first consistent calendar of events with start of signature events, including Friday Night Live and Forum Fit

August 2022

NAP receives approval on its rezoning request to add apartments and a boutique hotel to The Forum

August 2022

NAP completes rebrand, unveils The Forum's new identity to the community

March 2022

NAP and Nuveen form joint venture partnership to acquire The Forum

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